Union County

Emergency Information

3-14-18 * Stateline Fire Update

There has been progress with the fire…yesterday a decision was made to separate the fire into New Mexico and Colorado Stateline Fire.  At the 0700 briefing the fire is estimated to be 80% contained on the New Mexico side and 50% contained on the Colorado side.  It was mentioned this morning that the State Forestry will start demobilizing Friday morning.  The local departments will be going out tomorrow morning and start the transition process.

Fire crews have been very grateful for all the volunteers and donations!


3-11-18 * State Line Fire Update

The fire is 40% contained and has burned 26,821 acres. The change in wind direction guided active fire into the already burned areas. New areas were affected today but with air support being used heavily today, it helped keep the fire from spreading to other areas.

A game plan was being developed this afternoon for the next few days. Gaining control of the south and southwest area is the goal. That area will then be monitored and patrolled so the crews can move up north and assist with the fire. While the Rabbit Ear Fire Department is working in the northeast corner, mutual aid agreements between all county fire departments is keeping Rabbit Ear’s fire district covered.

All collected donations from the surrounding communities were taken to Kenton for all fire fighters. Everything is at the Community Center where fire crews can eat, rest and get out of the dirt and wind for a few minutes. All of your support and donations have been greatly appreciated.

Attached is a map that shows how large the fire is. The blue outline is the initial size of the fire and the red is where it has spread to over that last couple of days.



10:50 AM

Update on the State Line Fire...

Late yesterday afternoon a hand crew came in from Los Lunas which allowed fire fighters that had been out for 24+ hours to go home and rest. Incident Command was turned over to State Forestry last night; crews that arrived later in the day were able to keep working on the fire.

The fire had spread NW up into Colorado and fire crews from that side are working on getting it put out. There will be more air support again today as long as the wind does not get real bad.

Wind direction has changed again and will be coming out of the North-North West and if that stays true, this will help everyone out by pushing the fire back into the black (area that’s already been burned).

We are still asking that you please keep calls to the Police Department non-emergency line down, one dispatcher trying to handle all the radio traffic and phone calls is quite challenging.

Updates will be posted as information becomes available.



There is a fire in North Eastern Union County.  The fire is over 50 miles from Clayton and has been contained to the north side of highway 456, the wind shift has caused the smoke to travel south.  There are multiple agencies from 3 states working on the fire.    

Please try to keep calls to Clayton PD non-emergency number down to a minimum as we only have one dispatcher taking care of all radio traffic and phone calls.  If any municipalities should become a threat, we will set off the emergency sirens and send a CodeRED notification if evacuations should take place.

***We do NOT need volunteers showing up at the fire unless they are called by the Incident Commander on scene***

Updates will be posted as we receive information from the Incident Commander.